The Academy focuses on students in grades 7 -12, building individual strategies for students to reach academic success.



Workshops provide general but critical information related to various aspects of academic and career planning.


Specialty Consulting

Providing guidance to students and parents with specific concerns or interests including, but not limited to, college tours, navigating NCAA procedures for student athletes, financial planning, and scholarship research.


Since 1993

Bridges and Ladders is dedicated to providing quality educational and career planning services for middle school and high school students in preparation for higher education and career pathways. Through admissions workshops, college advising boot camps, and one-on- one advising, Bridges and Ladders advises students on the pathway to ultimate academic and career success.

Bridges and Ladders serves as a supplemental resource to school counselors, reducing stress for parents and students alike. By developing detailed, personalized plans for students in the Bridges and Ladders Academy, our students will have a roadmap to the future tailored to their interests and needs. Our team does regular check-ins with our students to monitor progress toward goals, and to provide a listening ear for any concerns or issues. Our vision is for every student to be informed and prepared to reach their highest educational and career goals.

Students in science lab

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